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Over two decades, TRU-BILT® has evolved from a small, family
operation into a multi-market leader and innovator.


Over two decades, TRU-BILT® has evolved from a small, family operation into a multi-market leader and innovator.

Established in 1993 by Lawrie Taylor, TRU-BILT® began life as a garage door company. Quick to spot an opportunity, we were soon developing products to meet the needs of new customers. As TRU-BILT’s range developed, so did our understanding and experience. Working with the food industry led to innovations in environmental control systems, including thermal sectional doors and high speed doors, as well as unique loading platforms and dock seals.

TRU-BILT’s reputation grew with its manufacturing capacity and – ten years later – demand for our products was extending across New Zealand.

From challenging industrial jobs to custom architectural designs, the next ten years saw an incredible variety of projects come our way. A focus on durability and simplicity enabled us to scale-up our products, fitting our TRU-DOOR™ range of door systems onto everything from industrial coolstores to some of Air New Zealand’s largest aircraft hangars.

It’s twenty years on – the next generation of Taylors are running TRU-BILT® and our range is still growing. We ship across NZ and Australia, with new markets opening all the time. Knowledge and ideas from each division continue to come together in exciting new products and continual improvements to existing ones, while great innovations like Automated Container Loading Pods sit comfortably alongside TRU-BILT’s door business and an ever-growing stable of safety solutions.

Now TRU-BILT® is looking to the future. We’re keen to talk about your project.
And we love a challenge.



TBI Projects

Over the years TRU-BILT® has been involved in many projects throughout New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Islands and even Antarctica. The following map shows a few of these projects that we have been privileged to have been part of.