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Thanks - your feedback helped!

Thanks - your feedback helped!

Thanks - your feedback helped!

Posted on 04/05/2017 by Tru-Bilt Industries

Thank you for your valuable feedback about Tru-Bilt Industries’ telephone system.

You told us the TBI phone system was not as good as it could be and callers were frustrated by listening to menus within menus, often giving up.

Frustrated caller2

We’re thrilled our phones have been ringing red hot, but we certainly don’t want a frustrating process, so….

We’ve taken on board your comments and made improvements that will enable you to easily and quickly reach our staff members.

We simplified the process by:

- Directing your call from the main line to the correct department in one step;
- Giving you a human to talk to after one selection;
- Adding ddi and cell numbers to the website contact pages, which are interactive when calling from your mobile device.

We hope these changes will make life easier for you, but we would love your feedback either way.

Have we got it right?  Give us more feedback at: