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Whether parking planes or freezing fish – the TRU-DOOR™
range of door systems delivers unmatched performance.

PVC Strip Curtains

Restrict temperature loss, reduce noise and save money with TRU-STRIP™ PVC Strip Curtains. TRU-STRIP™ curtains use thermally resistant, heavy-duty PVC to minimize temperature loss or gain and control air movement at freezer or coolstore entry and exit points. The system is also proven to inhibit airborne pollutants such as dust and fumes, while lowering noise levels by up to 35db. TRU-STRIP™ curtains come as a pre-cut kitset with all necessary fastenings – simple and easy to install. TRU-STRIP™ Safety Marker Strips are standard features on 200 and 300mm curtains to reduce forklift damage to door openings.


TRU-SWING Flexi Door

TRU-SWING Flexi Doors are the perfect answer for heavy pedestrian traffic and excellent environmental control in demanding situations. This heavy duty PVC swing door is ideal for a large variety of applications including the food industry, warehouses, workshops, supermarkets and processing rooms. The doors open from either direction in a 180 degree area and automatically return to the closed position via concealed springs. The TRU-SWING Flexi Door is one of the most efficient doors available for protection against draughts, noise, temperature fluctuations, dust, fumes and insects. 


TRU-SWING Rigid Door

TRU-SWING Rigid Doors are high impact, heavy duty doors allowing traffic to push through from either direction. The doors conveniently swing through 180 degrees and automatically return to the closed position with concealed springs. TRU-SWING Rigid Doors, with the added strength of spring bumpers, provide maximum impact resistance and will tolerate push trolleys, pallet jacks and small forklifts. This excellent access solution will provide an improved working environment, providing control of temperature, dust, noise and wind, and is ideal for supermarkets, kitchens, process rooms and hospitals.


TRU-LIFT™ Sectional Door Hardware

The TRU-LIFT™ system provides a complete solution for installing heavy-duty sectional doors. Designed to suit a wide range of industrial, commercial and architectural purposes, TRU-LIFT™ is one of the most popular heavy-duty sectional door systems available. Heavy gauge components include galvanised 80mm tracks and 100mm oil tempered springs. Purchase the entire system or only the components you require. TRU-LIFT™ can be easily motorised with the TRU-DRIVE™ automated drive system.


TRU-DRIVE™ Door Automation Systems

TRU-DRIVE™ is a heavy-duty automated drive system designed for a wide range of commercial and industrial door types. The TRU-DRIVE™ system comes pre-wired and ready to install – just plug in and go with no extra installation costs. One of the simplest and most durable door automation options available, TRU-DRIVE™ includes everything you need to automate folding, sliding or sectional doors. Choose from the standard kit or the Logic control box options for a range of specialised and programmable functions.


TRU-ROLL™ Roller Shutter Door

TRU-ROLL™ Roller Shutter Doors are an economical solution for industrial buildings and farm sheds. Equipped with galvanised guide rails, a heavy duty aluminium rail and a weather seal system, TRU-ROLL™ Roller Shutter Doors are designed to withstand the harsh elements of industrial and rural areas. TRU-ROLL™ doors can be operated with a standard manual hand chain system or automated with commercial door motors. The standard 50mm galvanised guide rails can be upgraded to wind lock guides for doors located in high wind zones. A large range of colours are also available to blend in with your existing environment or building decor. Other accessories can be added including radio remotes, wireless wall buttons and battery backup.


TRU-THERM™ Insulated Sectional Door

Designed specifically for the food-distribution industry, TRU-THERM™ doors are created to be the strongest and most reliable insulated sectional doors on the market. TRU-THERM™ doors are easy to use and cost effective – weather-tight, air-tight and completely vermin-proof. Robustly constructed, these doors come in a wide range of configurations and sizes to suit all conditions. High insulation ratings are guaranteed by 50mm overlaps, giving a very effective seal when closed, while galvanised tracks and hinges make TRU-THERM™ doors extremely corrosion resistant. TRU-THERM™ doors can be fitted with a variety of motor options and automation accessories, as well as TRU-BILT's double seal system for use as banana ripening rooms.


TRU-VIEW™ Aluminium Sectional DoorIL4 Rating

TRU-VIEW™ provides a modular sectional door system easily customised for a range of conditions. Offering architectural styling with the standard anodised aluminium frame, a variety of panelling options are available including double glazing. The TRU-VIEW™ Sectional Door is built to perform in even the most extreme conditions and can be specified as an IL4 rated door. This means the door system meets the earthquake and wind loads required to be used in buildings such as Fire, Police and Ambulance Stations and other structures with an importance level of IL4.


TRU-GLIDE™ Insulated Blast Freezer Door

TRU-GLIDE™ delivers high performance and maximum insulation with a unique single-piece unit. Specifically created for the demands of industrial blast freezers and chillers, TRU-GLIDE™ doors are designed for reliability, endurance, safety and ease of operation. One-piece construction provides TRU-GLIDE™ with super-high insulation values, while precise counter-balancing ensures minimal drive system stress for a longer service life. The TRU-GLIDE™ system uses heavy-duty components and has been proven by years of service in extreme operating conditions.



TRU-SPRINT™ PACER Rapid Roll Door is a high quality cost effective solution for Environmental Control in demanding situations. The applications that this door can be used in are huge such as food industry, warehouses, workshops etc and if the power goes out it has an emergency hand chain as standard. TRU-SPRINT™ PACER Rapid Roll Door will help you provide a better working environment while helping save money on cooling and heating.



TRU-SPRINT™ RACER Rapid Roll Door is a high quality Heavy Duty Solution for Environmental Control in demanding situations. The applications that this door can be used in are huge such as food industry, warehouses, workshops etc. TRU-SPRINT™ RACER Rapid Roll Door will help you provide a better working environment while helping save money on cooling and heating.



TRU-SPRINT™ COLDFLEX Rapid Roll Door is a high quality Insulated Heavy Duty Solution for Environmental Control in demanding situations. The applications that this door can be used in are huge such as food industry, warehouses, workshops etc. TRU-SPRINT™ COLDFLEX Rapid Roll Door will help you provide a better working environment while helping save money on cooling and heating. Save money on your operating costs through an insulated Rapid Door.


TRU-SPRINT™ Polar Insulated Bi-Part Door

TRU-SPRINT™ POLAR Insulated Bi-Part Door is the most advanced insulated solution for the freezer/chiller and temperature control industry on the market. It brings together top quality product, design, speed, seals and leading edge Motor and Controls to give you a 'One Door' Solution. High Insulation value is achieved by using two layers of Polyurethane panel with a unique perimeter channel system containing double, perimeter seals.



TRU-SPRINT™ RIGID Rapid Roll Door combines the convenience of a rapid door with an innovative new opening operation and the strength to act as a secure external door. A super strong, heavy duty, spiral action door, the TRU-SPRINT™ RIGID door is ideal for warehouses and workshops requiring fast external access and strong site security. Ask us about this solid, galvanised steel, high-speed door today!


TRU-TRAC™ Sliding Door System

TRU-TRAC™ is a complete sliding door hardware system. Solid galvanized steel construction means the wheel and track system is highly durable, weather resistant and perfect for internal or external applications. The heavy-duty wheel and track kitsets are made-to-measure, delivered ready for installation. Designed for light-to-medium scale projects, the TRU-TRAC™ system is suitable for sliding up to 500kg.

  • TRU TRAC Sliding Hanging Doors Bi Parting Low cost Hanger Door 6

TRU-FOLD™ Bi-Fold Door

The TRU-FOLD™ system is the ideal wide-span door solution for structures housing aircraft and other large machinery. Designed to meet the high engineering standards of the aviation industry, TRU-FOLD™ bi-fold doors are able to withstand high wind loads, place no weight on the building lintel and are extremely durable. Counterweighted for ease of operation,TRU-FOLD™provides a wide choice of cladding options. A unique product in the market, TRU-FOLD™ is a highly versatile, heavy-duty door system that can be customised to fit most locations.


TRU-SLIDE™ Sliding Hangar Door

TRU-SLIDE™ Heavy Duty Multi-Leaf Automated Doors are custom-built for industrial applications. Suitable for purposes as large as your imagination, the TRU-SLIDE™ system is a true heavy-weight in the market. Currently in use in such industries as aviation and mining, this multi-leaf, wide-span sliding door system is extremely durable and available in a variety of configurations and claddings. Purpose designed for each project, standard TRU-SLIDE™ features include a flush bottom track, floating captive top and emergency release.


TRU-DOOR™ Custom Made Doors

TRU-BILT® are the custom-built door system experts – there's no project we can't handle. From acoustic doors to motorised roofs, we've got the knowledge and expertise to design a solution for you, and the fabrication capability to produce almost anything. Contact us today to talk about your project.