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Protect your people, protect your place, with the TRU-GARD™
range of safety systems.

TRU-GARD™ Certified Barrier

Protect your people and assets with the heavy-duty TRU-GARD™ Barrier system. TRU-GARD™ is a certified barrier system that has been specifically designed to ensure employee safety at work. Traffic Management in the workplace is critical and must be planned to ensure any hazards are isolated, controlled or eliminated, read more about this on our Traffic Management page. The modular system includes an extensive range of accessories and components configurable for almost any commercial or industrial layout, while the small TRU-GARD™ footprint makes it ideal for a wide variety of applications. Whether you want to prevent vehicle damage and the need for expensive repairs, strengthen your traffic management plan, or simply provide super secure personnel protection – there's no stronger, safer, more cost-effective crash barrier system than TRU-GARD™.


TRU-GARD™ Certified Safety Bollards

Protect your investment – guard against impacts, collisions and the need for expensive repairs with TRU-GARD™ Certified Safety Bollards. Easy to install in doorways, parking bays and anywhere traffic damage is a risk, TRU-GARD™ Certified Safety Bollards come in a range of sizes, widths and colours to suit all conditions – with all fixings supplied. Whether stainless steel or galvanised, hi-vis yellow or corporate colours, full-frame door bollards or waist-height, TRU-GARD™ Certified Safety Bollards are a simple, economic solution to saving your assets from unnecessary damage.


TRU-GARD™ Door Frame Bollards

Whether you’re installing fabulous TRU-DOOR™ products on your premises or looking to protect your existing doors, you can guard them against impacts, collisions and expensive repairs with TRU-GARD™ Door Frame Bollards. Accidents happen, so it makes good sense to shield your valuable assets against any unexpected damage. TRU-GARD™ Door Frame Bollards are custom-made to your size requirements and in your choice of diameter and colour. It’s the easy, cost-effective solution to protecting your entranceways.


TRU-RAIL™ Hand Rail System

The TRU-RAIL™ Hand Rail System is a multi-purpose, heavy-duty safety system for separating foot and vehicle traffic. Designed to mount on top of the TRU-GARD™ barrier system, TRU-RAIL™ Hand Rails can also be installed independently, preventing personnel from injury by vehicles and reducing costly downtime. The modular steel units are extremely strong, hard-wearing and can be configured to suit almost any conditions.


TRU-GARD™ Pallet Racking Protectors

The TRU-GARD™ Pallet Racking Protector Range is the ideal system for guarding your plant against forklift damage and other collisions. Our range includes upright rack protectors in three sizes, plus end-of-bay protectors that are compatible with TRU-GARD™ barrier rails, also available in three sizes according to the level of risk in each racking area. Our heavy-duty, impact resistant steel protectors provide an easy-fit modular system for both single and double rack bays. Take a load off your mind and reduce the painstaking inefficiency caused by excessive caution and delicacy in your racking area. 


TRU-GARD™ Accessories

TRU-BILT® supplies a wide range of TRU-GARD™ safety solutions and accessories, including light weight barriers, gates, rails and TRU-GARD™ components.