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Keeping Kiwis Safe

Keeping Kiwis Safe

Is your traffic management system good enough  to protect your people, and you?

Don’t settle for less, protect your team.

TRU-GARD Barrier System is a Certified Barrier System ASNZS 1170.1 Section 3.8

Keeping Kiwis Safe at work involves a systemised approach to analysing and controlling the traffic movements in and around a production or warehousing facility. Every facility should have comprehensive Traffic Management Plan.

When you have trucks, fork lifts and other heavy machinery on site it will inevitably create the hazard of mixed traffic. This hazard needs to be isolated, controlled or eliminated to ensure employee safety at work.

Pedestrian traffic must be managed wherever there are vehicle movements in a work place - it only takes a single moment of inattention for a serious or even fatal accident to occur.

Designated pedestrian walkways, using the certified TRU-GARD™ barrier system are an effective solution to ensure employees and visitors don’t stray into danger zones.

Doorways to warehouses, factories and loading bays are also areas that can be overlooked when it comes to safe traffic management. Ideally doorways should not have mixed traffic types and it is recommended that traffic flow is restricted to one direction.

Implementing Traffic Management systems not only reduces the health and safety risks on your site but it can also help with streamlining your entire production or warehousing facility. Standardisation across multiple sites also reduces the risks associated when employees move between sites.

The Team at TRU-BILT® can also help you through the planning stages of your Traffic Management Plan with our Site Specific Safety Analysis (SSSA).

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