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Tru-Dock at Blenheim Dairy Distribution Depot

Our Tru-Level™ Standard Hydraulic Dock Leveller made all the difference to productivity levels at this Blenheim distribution depot, allowing trucks to back up quickly to the allocated loading zone, bridging the gap automatically with the push of a button, and allowing personnel to load goods with ease, using forklifts or pallet trucks. Depot staff and truck drivers alike have been singing the praises of this retrofitted system and it's always a pleasure for us to hear we've made someone's life easier.

Note the Tru-Dock™ Reversing Traffic Light System, which also makes life simpler for truck drivers backing into the docking station. Dock sensors illuminate the green light when the dock is ready for approach; the orange light when the driver must slow and prepare to stop; and the red light when a complete stop is required. This system allows trucks to get within 150mm of the loading dock area.


1) Tru-Dock™ Reversing Traffic Lights in action:


 2) Tru-Level™ Standard Hydraulic Dock Leveller in action:




Distribution and Warehousing, Food Industry

Project Name

Tru-Dock at Blenheim Dairy Distribution Depot




Blenheim, New Zealand

Product Name

Tru-Level Standard Hydraulic Dock Leveller; Tru-Dock Reversing Traffic Lights