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Tru-Dock at Taranaki Warehouse

We were asked for our expertise in creating a first-class loading zone for a busy export warehouse in New Zealand's North Island.

We recommended a Tru-Level™ Telescopic Dock Leveller to allow flexibility during difficult loading situations, providing a greater reach to bridge gaps with its extendable lip. In conjunction with this hydraulic leveller, we also installed the Tru-Therm™ Insulated Sectional Door for weather-tight, air-tight, vermin-proof environmental control inside the warehouse; a Tru-Seal™ Inflatable Dock Seal to enclose the dock area during load-outs and protect it against weather, wind, dust and insects; and a Tru-Dock™ Trailer Restraint to hold trucks and trailers in place, preventing unexpected "trailer creep" and protecting personnel and forklifts from danger.  All four items are automated through control panels with push button activation, making the area run smoothly and compatibly, like a well oiled machine.

To make the entire loading environment safe, several of our safety products were also installed on site, namely the Tru-Gard™ Certified Barrier System for forklift hazard areas inside the warehouse, Tru-Gard™ Certified Bollards to guard against accidental impact, Tru-Rail™ Handrail and Tru-Gard™ Personnel Gates that mark out safe pedestrian zones, and Tru-Gard™ Wheel Guides to assist trucks backing up to the loading dock.

All products have come together superbly in this well-planned, ultra-efficient loading bay, and we're proud to have made this a safe and productive work site.


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Tru-Dock at Taranaki Warehouse




Taranaki, New Zealand

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Tru-Dock Systems