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Tru-Dock at Whakatane Dairy Distribution Depot

This busy milk depot sees delivery trucks coming and going frequently, however the original loading dock area was basic, dated and inefficient for the high volumes of product being dispatched every day. An automated dock-levelling system was required to create a better work space for forklifts to operate, conveying milk crates directly into the back of delivery trucks.

To avoid cutting into the concrete of the existing loadout area, the Tru-Level™ Standard Hydraulic Dock Leveller was built out from the dock area and housed within a custom-made dock frame, complete with Tru-Gard™ Hand Rail for safety purposes. Automated with push-button simplicity to bring the loading ramp up level with any standard-sized truck and extend the lip inside for smooth transfer, the process is now quick and convenient for all involved in this daily activity.

Note also the Tru-Dock™ Reversing Traffic Light System, which makes life so much easier for truck drivers backing into the docking station. Dock sensors illuminate the green light when the dock is ready for approach; the orange when the driver must slow and prepare to stop; and the red when a complete stop is required. This system allows trucks to get within 150mm of the loading dock area.

The feedback from loadout operators at this site has been fantastic. They are enjoying the easy new system and greater efficiency.


Food Industry, Distribution and Warehousing

Project Name

Tru-Dock at Whakatane Dairy Distribution Depot




Whakatane, New Zealand

Product Name

Tru-Level Standard Hydraulic Dock Leveller