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Tru-Dock Loading Pods at Christchurch Distribution Warehouse

When this busy logistics company asked us to make their container loading zones more efficient, we were able to offer our full range of top-end solutions in one convenient package. Tru-Dock™ Automatic Loading Pods come with all the bells and whistles to make loadout areas simple to use, productive, safe and fully protected against weather and biosecurity hazards.

Our fully automated, insulated, moving pod includes a computerised control system with HMI touch screen, a hydraulic loading ramp, inflatable dock shelter, insulated internal sectional door and exterior roll door. Everything is provided the one resourceful bundle, with the option to swap out certain components for manual preferences if required.  For this project, the completely mechanized deluxe package was the preference of our client, and the pay-off has been well worth it, with exceptional loading capacity and fast, effective turnaround.

When installing Tru-Dock ™ Loading Pods, there’s no need to build above-ground docks or excavate into the ground to create a raised loading bay, so the loading area is kept simple and cost effective. Containers can rest safely on the ground, pinned in place to provide stability on a flat surface, avoiding the inefficiency of trucks and trailers sitting idle at docks while awaiting the loading or unloading process. During loadout, full sealing of the container doorway by the inflatable dock shelter prevents access by vermin, insects, birds, fumes, dust and other airborne contaminants. Furthermore, loading is completely unaffected by the weather conditions outside; rain, hail or snow is no impediment to getting the container packed. And internally, full environmental control is assured, so goods are not exposed to any temperature fluctuations during the process.

Improved efficiency and cost-saving benefits are the key goals for distribution warehouses like this one, where dozens of containers are loaded every day. The fit-out has been a great success and our client is very pleased with their return on investment.



Distribution and Warehousing

Project Name

Tru-Dock Loading Pods at Christchurch Distribution Warehouse




Christchurch, New Zealand

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Tru-Dock Automatic Loading Pod