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Tru-Dock Loading Pods at Dunedin Produce Store

Tru-Dock™ Loading Pods provide the ideal system for loading containers on the ground. Once the containers are lined up and pinned in place, these loading pods simply go about the job of enclosing the loading zone, controlling the environment between the storage area and shipping container, and ensuring top-level biosecurity protection during the loading process. 

For this particular project we supplied two standard loading pods at each end of a double-sided loading bay, providing insulated moving pods with semi-automated logic control. The pods also include simple PVC dock shelters to provide weather protection and environmental control, and Tru-Therm™ Insulated Sectional Doors to seal and insulate the storage area when the loading bays are not in use. No hydraulic dock leveller or manual loading ramp was required by the customer for this project, however those options are commonly included in our loading pod packages, used to provide a level platform from the storage area to the container during loadout.

With the loading zone situated on the south side of this pack house, it's frequently hit by bad weather and is usually sitting in shady, damp conditions (you can tell by the moss that's visible in some of the photos!). So it was important to provide a sheltered dry area for the client to load containers at any time of the day or year. The feedback has been very positive and it's great to see these pods working efficiently and doing exactly what they're made to do.


1) Tru-Dock™ Loading Pod engaging the container (from outside):


2) Tru-Dock™ Loading Pod disengaging from the container (from inside):




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Tru-Dock Loading Pods at Dunedin Produce Store


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Dunedin, New Zealand

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Tru-Dock Standard Loading Pods