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Tru-Fold at Cambridge Utility Building

Now you see it, now you don't! If you've always been a fan of camouflage and secret doorways, then you're going to love this project.

Our client was constructing a first-class utility building on a farm in New Zealand's Waikato region and came to us for help with his doorways. With a need for multiple large access points, he also expressed a clear desire for elements of privacy, security and pure classiness.

The Tru-Fold™ is a complete all-rounder when fulfilling these wishes, including the capacity to apply different kinds of cladding to achieve a desired look. We fitted four Tru-Fold™ doors along one whole side of the building, clad with the same cedar wood exterior, which gave the appearance of a long, solid wall. At the push of a button - SURPRISE! - the wall folds away and almost completely disappears, allowing access to the equipment within.

The other side of the building is sheltered and more private, so the focus became more about allowing the sun in and making the most of the setting and outstanding rural views. In this case, our Tru-Fold™ doors were double-glazed for full vision, continuing the first-class theme with stylish aluminium framing and a clean, modern look.

This has to be one of the coolest farm buildings in provincial Waikato and we're completely thrilled with its overall look and functionality.



Sheds, Construction

Project Name

Tru-Fold at Cambridge Utility Building




Cambridge, New Zealand

Product Name

Tru-Fold Bi-folding Door