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Tru-Fold at Dunedin Manufacturing Plant

In 2019, after years of consistent business growth, Tru-Bilt Industries had outgrown its previous premises and found the need to move to a larger complex. The new workshop was custom-built to meet our manufacturing requirements, and we were able to install industrial doors of our own making.

This Tru-Fold™ Bi-Folding Door is the perfect ‘inwards’ workshop door, used for bringing in large quantities of steel for further processing, as well as PVC, ACM, insulated paneling and loads of other door components, plus loading dock parts and powder-coated Tru-Gard™ products. It’s definitely all go at this entranceway, so the door needed to be large and simple to open. We designed this door to 5.2mH x 7.3mW, which is a great size to accommodate our sizeable incoming loads.

Call us biased, but we just love this door – for the same reasons all Tru-Fold™ customers love it:  its unique kitset design and wide span capacity; its counter-weight system that places no weight on the building; and the absence of any floor tracks. It’s just a smooth, easy door that’s fully motorised with remote activation, and works a treat.  Interested?  Come for a visit and take a look!


1) The Tru-Fold™ door in action:

2) Tips on Tru-Fold™ manual operation in case of an emergency or power outage:


Distribution and Warehousing, Construction

Project Name

Tru-Fold at Dunedin Manufacturing Plant


Tru-Bilt Industries


Dunedin, New Zealand

Product Name

Tru-Fold Bi-Folding Door