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Tru-Fold at Hobsonville Brewery Restaurant and Bar

This historic aircraft hangar at Hobsonville Point has been repurposed as one of Auckland’s largest open-plan eateries, featuring a mega-sized Tru-Fold™ door that we are super proud of.

At 8.9m high and 12.2m wide, this impressive Tru-Fold™ bi-folding door opens vertically to allow full indoor-outdoor flow for the restaurant area of craft brewery Little Creatures. This function provides an unimpeded view and a phenomenal sense of spatial awareness for patrons, who are able to take in the full panoramic vista of Catalina Bay, where RNZAF seaplanes once taxied through the waters of the Upper Waitemata Harbour. The former hangar for Sunderland planes has been fully modernised with a multi-million-dollar refit that is part of the area’s hospitality regeneration. The once ‘off-limits’ Hobsonville base has now become a magnet for tourists and visitors keen to experience the picturesque coastal environment that was formerly enjoyed only by military personnel and their families.

The fully glazed Tru-Fold™ door weighs 4.7 tonne, which is compensated by equal-amount counterweights placed in the bays at each side of the door track. This placement puts minimal weight on the structural elements of the building while creating the strength and security of a fortress. It is an architectural masterpiece that will not deteriorate with age but operate sturdily and reliably for decades to come, honouring the building's glorious past.

We were absolutely thrilled when our client LT McGuinness asked us to collaborate on this iconic project by designing and manufacturing the door framework to complete their vision. Auckland-based Altherm Window Systems glazed the door beautifully and also supplied several other window systems within the building, including a display area for the stunning micro-brewery inside. 

All elements came together perfectly making this construction a work of art that attracts hundreds of customers on a daily basis. Why not take a visit and tick it off your bucket list?




Project Name

Tru-Fold at Hobsonville Brewery Restaurant and Bar


LT McGuinness Building Contractors for Lion Breweries


Auckland, New Zealand

Product Name

Tru-Fold Bi-Folding Door