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Tru-Gard Barrier at Penrose Industrial Area

Not only are staff and commercial visitors at risk in this busy industrial zone, it also provides everyday access for members of the public and the customers of neighbouring businesses.

With so much traffic also using the area it was important to provide as much protection as possible to avoid dangerous accidents.

By making full use of Tru-Gard™ Certified Barrier and Personnel Gates, there can be no doubting the allocated pedestrian safety zone here.

Fantastic coverage and unquestionable visibility has been achieved using the BS910-2 Certified Barrier System, providing highest possible impact protection in compliance with AS/NZS Structural Standard 1170.1.

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Distribution and Warehousing, Safety

Project Name

Tru-Gard Barrier at Penrose Industrial Area




Auckland, New Zealand

Product Name

Tru-Gard Certified Barrier