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Tru-Gard Bollards at Farmers Silverdale

Keeping customers safe from car park traffic is an important priority at Farmers Silverdale in Auckland. We were able to help at all their major entranceways both at street level and within their parking enclosure.

We installed 34 smart-looking stainless steel bollards outside the shopping mall, creating a fantastic safety zone that nicely matched the building exterior, plus 48 high-visibility yellow over galvanised steel bollards in the darker parking areas of the facility.

Not only do these bollards ensure top level pedestrian safety, they give clear boundaries to vehicle traffic and look smart in the process. 


Retail, Safety

Project Name

Tru-Gard Bollards at Farmers Silverdale


Farmers Silverdale


Auckland, New Zealand

Product Name

Tru-Gard Certified Safety Bollards