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Tru-Gard Removable Bollards at Dunedin Carpark

Tru-Gard™ Removable Bollards provide a great system for allowing temporary access to otherwise blocked areas, or redirecting traffic flow under certain circumstances. Instead of being permanently fixed to the ground like standard bollards, these are designed to be removed easily from a separate ground plate to open up accessways as required, or to block areas off by fixing them back in place with a padlock. 

Mountain Biking Otago manages a popular and picturesque bike track on Signal Hill, Dunedin, where they have provided a large carpark for the many visitors that come from far and wide. The regular carpark is designated by marker posts and Tru-Gard™ Removable Bollards to allow everyday visitors to park conveniently. However they have the option to expand or reconfigure the area at any given time. For example, the parking zone can be increased at times when large events have been organised. The Removable Bollards allow event coordinators to manage traffic and organise space with ease.

Tru-Gard™ Removable Bollards can also be used as temporary barrier to properties, streets or private driveways depending on the requirement to block heavy traffic or allow its access at certain times. 



Project Name

Tru-Gard Removable Bollards at Dunedin Carpark


Mountain Biking Otago


Dunedin, New Zealand

Product Name

Tru-Gard Removable Bollards