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Tru-Sprint and Tru-Roll at South Island Dairy Plant

Demand from China for New Zealand infant formula is higher than ever before and there's huge pressure on the industry to increase the supply by up to 10 times the volume manufactured just a few years ago. As a result, Blue River Dairy's new subsidiary, South Island Dairy, has built a dry powder blending and canning plant in Invercargill, where they will continue their work innovating premium nutritional products using sheep, cow and goat milk. 

The urgency required to keep ahead of the game means all facets of the new plant needed to operate with high efficiency and speed. Here's where we fit in. Tru-Bilt was called on by the lead building contractor, Archer Construction, to supply eight Tru-Sprint™ Racer Rapid Roll Doors and three Tru-Roll™ Roller Shutter Doors to the new facility. These doors, with their reputation for reliable access and high activation rate, were a perfect solution to allow quick access between processing and storage rooms.

The Tru-Sprint™ Racer is one of the fastest doors we supply and has an opening speed up to 2000mm per second.

The Tru-Roll™ Roller Shutter is the perfect external warehouse door, providing excellent security and a heavy-duty weather-sealing system to withstand high winds and harsh elements.

Both doors are available in a range of colours to suit preference or corporate branding, and as you can see, this set of matching blue doors looks super-smart!

It's great to see New Zealand production plants strive for peak efficiency and being part of that overall process is something we live for.


Food Industry

Project Name

Tru-Sprint and Tru-Roll at South Island Dairy Plant


Archer Construction for Blue River Dairy


Invercargill, New Zealand

Product Name

Tru-Sprint Racer Rapid Roll Door and Tru-Roll Roller Shutter Door