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Tru-Therm at Casey Station

Having heard about the superior insulation and reliability of Tru-Therm™ doors at New Zealand's Scott Base, the Commonwealth Government of Australia was convinced that these doors would be the perfect replacement for aging, inefficient doors at the Casey Station base camp. The first door was manufactured by Tru-Bilt in September 2019 and shipped to Australia for staff training before heading to Antarctica for installation and everyday use. Initial feedback from our client has been very positive and following the first trial period, we look forward to continuing steady replacement of the remaining sectional doors at the Australian camp.

Tru-Therm™ doors can be coloured according to corporate branding or client preference, with minor restrictions on certain colours according to the susceptibility of heat absorption. Whilst we initially smiled at the Australian's seemingly patriotic choice of yellow, imagining an installation in green buildings to represent a brilliant national showcase, we soon found out a rather more serious reason for the colour chosen.  It's not unusual for the weather to turn quickly in this extreme environment, with white-out conditions closing in very fast and causing highly dangerous situations for anyone caught outside at the time, whether they're in a vehicle or not. It's so important for the doors of a building to be seen as quickly as possible when this happens, so all personnel and equipment can get inside out of harm's way. Obviously white, grey and other light colours are not suitable for these conditions, hence the brilliant bright yellow of the doors, and even the brilliant orange hue of the building itself. 

Tru-Therm™ doors provide verifiable protection against Antarctic temperatures, so you'll find them perfect for the chillers and freezers in your cold store. They are ideal for the food distribution industry, providing insulated access ways that are weather-tight, air-tight and vermin-proof (or penguin-proof in the case of Antarctica). Get in touch with us to talk about world-class thermal protection today.


Sheds, Construction

Project Name

Tru-Therm at Casey Station


Australian Antarctic Division, Australian Government


Casey Station, Antarctica

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Tru-Therm Insulated Section Door