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Tru-Therm at Dunedin Ambulance Depot

This awesome art deco building is the main St John Ambulance Depot for the city of Dunedin. Not only an architectural work of art, but one of the busiest emergency response centres in the province with many ambulances coming and going every day.

The Order of St John required two new robust and reliable doors to replace their aging and inefficient predecessors. In case of a natural disaster, it's crucial for ambulances and other emergency services to continue to operate, so an IL4-rating is usually an imperative part of the construction sign-off. Tru-Bilt was easily able to comply with this requirement and we put forward our strongest, most disaster-resistant option.

We supplied 2 x IL4-rated Tru-Therm™ Insulated Sectional Doors, one for incoming traffic and one for outgoing; each door included a row of Tru-View™ glass vision panels for visibility and safety.

Here at Tru-Bilt Industries we have the highest regard for first-responders, whom we consider to be the heroes of society. And on that basis we were delighted to play our part in saving lives, by manufacturing and supplying the strongest and most efficient doors for this purpose.


Emergency Services

Project Name

Tru-Therm at Dunedin Ambulance Depot


Order of St John


Dunedin, New Zealand

Product Name

Tru-Therm Insulated Sectional Door