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Tru-Therm at Dunedin Biotechnology Company

There's no job too big, or in this case, too small, for Tru-Bilt Industries.

Dunedin biotechnology company Blis Technologies manufactures advanced mouth and throat probiotics that support natural immune defences. It's imperative that their processing room is sterile and well protected against any kind of foreign bodies. To ensure this they needed an airlock to be constructed between the regular warehouse floor and the sensitive processing room; a small transfer area where they could create positive air pressure to prevent contamination from one room to the other. The challenge for us was to supply two doors in a space that is little wider than a standard-sized pallet!

The Tru-Therm™ stepped up to the challenge once again, with the sectional panels being able to move tightly around each other within the ultra-confined space. The tracks are so tight in this case that it would only ever be possible to open one door at a time, but luckily that's the whole point of the airlock system, so it works perfectly. The Tru-Therm™ door was also ideal for this job because it's 100% sealed and air-tight when shut, so will keep out all forms of vermin, insects, dust and fumes; the insulation panels provide excellent temperature control for the environment; and the double-glazed vision panels provide a visual communication function between the rooms and tick health & safety boxes too.

Another successful installation by Tru-Bilt Industries.  Let us know if you're in a tight spot!


Food Industry, Construction

Project Name

Tru-Therm at Dunedin Biotechnology Company


Blis Technologies


Dunedin, New Zealand

Product Name

Tru-Therm Insulated Sectional Door