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Tru-Therm at Lumsden Fire Station

Did you know...?  Tru-Therm™ insulated sectional doors are now IL4-rated for strength against earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Perfect for emergency services, defence forces, and any buildings that have to be accessible in extreme situations. IL4-approved Tru-Therm™ doors will continue to perform even when the rest of the world appears to be crumbling around you.

Tru-Therm™ doors are also suitable as an exterior door because they offer a very high level of security. As you can imagine the NZ Fire Service cannot risk security breaches, therefore superior strength is the order of the day when it comes to their fitting their stations.

Recently installed at a station in Lumsden, Southland, these doors are now doing their part in keeping the local community safe.

Are you looking for something with this level of strength and reliability?


Emergency Services

Project Name

Tru-Therm at Lumsden Fire Station


NZ Fire Service


Southland, New Zealand

Product Name

Tru-Therm Insulated Sectional Door