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Tru-Therm at Sydney Banana Ripening Complex

You know how it is with bananas... they've got to be just right when you buy them; not too green, not too ripe... JUST RIGHT!  Supermarkets around the globe put a lot of effort into making this happen and Coles Supermarkets Australia are particularly passionate about providing the perfect banana experience for their valued customers.

Because fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) have such a high turnover rate, the market is not only very large, it is also very competitive and timing is everything. Nearly everyone in the world uses fast-moving consumer goods every day; so throughput is extremely high, shelf-life is usually short, and a lot of effort is required by retailers to keep high volumes of quality stock on hand at all times: bananas are a perfect example. A few years ago Coles Supermarkets Australia engaged commercial construction company Qanstruct to build an entire banana ripening complex in Sydney so they could take bananas from their green, unripe form, to perfect consistency and beautiful yellow colour, just in time for distribution and consumer sales. To do this consistently within an exact time frame requires precision levels of temperature, humidity and air pressure, so banana ripening rooms must be carefully insulated to achieve the required results. Accessways are critical control points that can make or break the process, so this is where the Tru-Therm™ comes in. Qanstruct engaged Tru-Bilt Industries to supply the ideal insulated sectional door to allow large-scale product movement and maintain strict environmental control during the ripening process.

This project required 28 Tru-Therm™ insulated doors, each 3.7mW x 5.8mH and fitted with personnel doors of 0.7mW x 1.7mH, with vision panels. It was an awe-inspiring job to be a part of. Clearly bananas are big business!




Food Industry, Construction

Project Name

Tru-Therm at Sydney Banana Ripening Complex


Qanstruct for Coles Supermarkets Australia


Sydney, Australia

Product Name

Tru-Therm Insulated Sectional Door